We not only buy steel products, we own it, we bear all risks when delivering from one country to another, but we also engage in complexmarketing activities, which consist of promoting products from producers to the end users, distributing products in narrow niche segments, in Russia and CIS, we organize steady sales, pre-sales technical consulting and after-sales service. We establish and strengthen long-term trade relations with key consumers based on mutual trust, reputation and knowledge of product properties. We carry out an intermediate “buffer storage” of the steel products.


Buying and selling steel is just part of our business. Delivering steel from the supplier to the consumer is a major part of what we do. We find optimal integrated logistics solutions and cooperate with the best companies for delivery by various modes of transport. We invest a lot of money and time in logistics to ensure that the steel that we buy we move non-stop to the destination and arrive on time.


In order to make complex trading operations easy, and less risky for our partners, we offer various forms of credits, managing the risk of changing exchange rates. We study the possibility of using derivative financial instruments to manage price and currency exchange risks.

Customs formalities

Customs clearance of the goods is an important service that provides guarantees of nonstop crossing of goods through the Russian border, as well as optimization of costs for customs clearance of goods. Our partners have solid experience in this field. Competent customs clearance of imports and exports will help avoid delays in cargo at the border and unnecessary costs for urgent preparation of documents. We cooperate with the best customs brokers who are able to provide for all the nuances of the requirements for metal products and documentation in order to exclude the loss of time and money during the passage of complicated customs clearance procedures in the Russian Federation.

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